August 24, 2011 • — Dan LaSota

Alaska Distance Education Consortium

The Alaska Distance Education Consortium (AKDEC) mission is to:

  1. Develop a long-term distance education and technology strategic plan that effectively develops, coordinates, and expands distance education opportunities and Alaska’s information technology infrastructure, and
  2. Determine the role of educators, telecommunication companies, community organizations, government agencies and other stakeholders in meeting the needs identified by members.

Achievement of these the Mission of AKDEC will be accomplished through:

  • report regularly to Consortium members on technical infrastructure developments, instate
  • activities, and national trends that effect their work
  • identify and actively develop areas of cooperation between agencies and organizations that could expand and enhance current distance education offerings throughout Alaska
  • identify and actively develop areas of cooperation between agencies and organizations that could allow them to promote the efficient use of shared resources, particularly shared bandwidth
  • support curriculum development, instruction, research and teacher/faculty development
  • act as liaison between telecommunications providers and the needs of Alaska’s educators
  • investigate, in cooperation with current telecommunications companies, creative solutions to bridge the digital divide that exists throughout rural Alaska
  • inform and articulate the on-going evolution of distance education technology needs and infrastructure
  • locate grant opportunities and help facilitate grant proposals to federal, state, and private organizations to advance distance education in Alaska
  • hosting of Internet2 (SEGP)
  • participation in American Distance Education Consortium

AKDEC Executive Committee

The Alaska Distance Education Technology Consortium is composed of a number of individuals representing organizations and agencies with an interest in distance education:

  • Karl Kowalski, CITO attends for President, University of Alaska
  • Fred Esposito, Director, Alaska Vocational Technical Center
  • Steve Noonkesser, President, Alaska Society for Technology in Education
  • Bruce Johnson, Executive Director, Alaska Council of School Administrators
  • Rob Carrillo, Distance Delivery Coordinator, Ilisagvik College
  • Thomas Nighswander, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
  • Esther Beth Sullivan, Director of Distance Education and RANA, Alaska Pacific University
  • Larry LeDoux, Commissioner, Department of Education & Early Development
  • Craig Mollerstuen, VP Broadband Services, GCI
  • Vacant, Chief of Staff, Denali Commission
  • Vacant, School District Superintendent