Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association

July 26, 2011 • — Dan LaSota

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contact: Karen Perdue

Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association’s (ASHNHA) mission is two-fold: first, to be the premier provider-advocate bringing unity to the Alaska health care community when addressing state and national health care issues impacting Alaska and its residents; and, second, to support our membership’s goal of improving Alaskans’ overall health by providing the highest quality of care at an affordable price.

This project will provide video capture and playback equipment in seven locations, which will provide for routine and emergency medical care training by expanding video playback capability in rural health clinics. This will provide opportunities for health professional such as physicians, allied health and others to quickly receive additional training. Over the three years, the project will provide health care professionals with at least ten hours of training each, resulting in 5,000 hours of consultation and training.